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The OZtrail Story

Although OZtrail has been a recognised camping brand in Australia for over 20 years, the company and the family
behind the OZtrail brand go back much further than that. The Whittaker family has been providing leisure and
homeware products since the 1940s. You don’t survive that long without learning something about how important
leisure time is for families. It’s all about spending time with family, friends and loved ones and really becoming one
with our outdoors.

In the early 1990s the Whittaker family saw that families faced a costly exercise equipping themselves with the gear for their
outdoor adventures. At the time, a small three person tent could easily cost over $500 in today’s money. Believing that more
families would be able to enjoy life outdoors if it was more affordable, they set about creating a brand that would stand for
quality and value for money for camping families. In 1994, the OZtrail brand was launched on a small range of products – a
range that has grown ever since.

The Story Continues

Campers responded very quickly to OZtrail’s products that were both high quality and easily affordable. The team
understood that much more could be done to make holidays outdoors more enjoyable and this led to OZtrail integrating
yearly innovations into their products to improve comfort and convenience as well as reliability. OZtrail was actually one of
the first companies in the world to integrate something as simple as windows into dome tents!
As the campers’ appetites for products with cutting edge features grew, OZtrail added new and useful features and
expanded into new product categories. All guided by the philosophy that family camping should be affordable – something
that still holds true 20 plus years on.

OZtrail Today

The OZtrail brand is now helping campers enjoy the outdoors on 6 continents – assisting families across the world the same
way it has since its humble beginnings as a small Australian family-owned company. We are proud to be part of the great
family tradition of passing down the love of the outdoors to children and grandchildren across Australia and the world.
More recently we acquired new premises to improve efficiencies in our supply chain, a move that has seen us be able to
keep our costs low and maintain our ethos of offering quality camping goods to all Australian’s at affordable prices. The
other advantage we gained with the move was the addition of more space which has allowed for not only today, but for years
to come, the ability to be able to bring to market even more new and exciting products for families to enjoy.
Every year the size of our product catalogue continues to grow and in the following pages you will see a plethora of new
products and product categories as well as new and improved online tools you can use to discover and understand the new
and existing OZtrail products.

There is no better time spent than getting outdoors and exploring and enjoying this great country of ours with family and
friends. The memories forged will be looked back upon in time and will be considered some of the fondest. Don’t let excuses
hold you back, make the effort and pack your bags and get out amongst it with OZtrail Leisure Products, the Heart and Soul
of Aussie Camping.

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Action Chair Bag

$47.99 $39.99

Foam Floor Mat

$43.99 $39.99

Moon Chair Single with Arms

$94.99 $84.99

Outback Comforter Camper

$224.99 $189.99

Oztrail 48" High Lift Jack

$179.99 $129.99

Oztrail Aluminium Stool

$31.99 $29.99

Oztrail Awning Pole Kit

$19.99 $21.99

Oztrail Base Pod Kit


Oztrail Camp Kitchen Deluxe with Sink

$299.99 $179.99

Oztrail Canvas Shower Bucket

$49.99 $44.99

Oztrail Classic Armchair


Oztrail Compact Camp Kitchen

$124.99 $89.99