Firearm License

Firearms Application Procedure

  1. You will need to read through and study the Safety Awareness Booklet (available here or Safety and Usage Guide) then come into Freerange Supplies sit the Awareness test. It will cost you $15 per attempt to sit the awareness test, regardless if you pass or fail.
  2. For an open licence you will need a station/property owner’s letter giving you permission to shoot on their property (Format of letter is available at Freerange Supplies or can be downloaded here).  Alternatively, join a Rifle club and after their set period, they will issue you with a club support letter.

  3. Then come into Freerange Supplies, choose a firearm and place 50% deposit towards it.  You will then be issued with a Serviceability Certificate. This firearm can be paid off as a lay by for 8 weeks while your gun licence is processed.

  4. Then go to this page , fill in the application form, and submit online and print it off.

  5. You will then take all the required documentation with the application and submit it into to your local Post Office with the required fees.

  6. Any additional forms required may be found at the following link

Police Help Line: 1300 171 011

Detailed licensing fees are found at this page

Guidlines for the area required for different calibres to be eligible are here