Primus Mammoth Flexi Zone+

The Flexi Zone + offer similar capacity and the same performance as the single compartment Mammoths, A great addition to remote homes and for those heading away to one location for long periods, both models are incredibly efficient for their size and provide a reliable way to keep your provisions fresh.

Choose from the typical setup of fridge/freezer, or set both compartments to the same temperature to create a large fridge or freezer. It’s also possible to shut one of the compartments down, which not only saves power, but is a handy feature towards the end of your trip when there’s less food and drink to keep cool. Wrapped in the same tough metal exterior as the single cabinet range, the Flexi Zone + models also feature independent lids to ensure opening one compartment doesn’t reduce the cold in the other.

Mammoth FLEXI ZONE + features

  • Tough metal exterior
  • Digital control panel with electronic temperature control
  • High efficiency SECOP compressor with ECO and MAX modes
  • 12/24V DC and 240V AC power inputs
  • 3 stage battery protection
  • Internal LED light
  • Recessed metal handles
  • Sturdy lid latches
  • Removable internal baskets

Mammoth FLEXI ZONE + upgrades

  • Upgraded control panel - Clearer display with additional information such as battery voltage and condition
  • Upgraded control software for more accurate temperature display
  • Integrated handles to increase strength and reduce overall length
  • Upgraded handles improve ease of opening
  • The NEW Flexi Zone + cooling system allows either chamber to be operated as a fridge or freezer as well as being shut down independently of the other to reduce the actual capacity of the unit


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Mammoth 37L Flexi Zone+ Series II Fridge/Freezer


Mammoth 65L Flexi Zone+ Series II Fridge/Freezer


Primus 45L Mammoth Fridge/Freezer


Primus 92L Mammoth Dual Zone Fridge/Freezer


60L Mammoth Low Profile Flexi Zone Fridge/Freezer