Jack Jumper 3M Thinsulate Atlantic Gloves Black Large

Manufacturer: Jack Jumper
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SKU: 7841134
Manufacturer part number: 7841134
GTIN: 9317200024547
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Softer, more compressible Thinsulate™ insulation is soft and compressible. This makes it flexible enough even for accessories like hats and gloves, which are difficult to insulate effectively without restricting movement or compromising fit.

  • 100% Knitted acrylic outer
  • 3M™ Thinsulate™ lining
  • Fold back detail
Part No.Description
7841112Atlantic Gloves Black Small
7841123Atlantic Gloves Black Medium
7841134Atlantic Gloves Black Large
7841312Atlantic Gloves Navy Small
7841323Atlantic Gloves Navy Medium
7840345Gloves (deleted)
7841345Atlantic Gloves Grey Marle Small
7841356Atlantic Gloves Grey Marle Medium
7841367Atlantic Gloves Grey Marle Large

Part No.ColourSize7841112BlackSmall7841123BlackMedium7841134BlackLarge7841312NavySmall7841323NavyMedium7840345 (deleted)Grey MarleSmall7841345Grey MarleSmall7841356Grey MarleMedium7841367Grey MarleLarge